On Saturday the first team plays in the sports hall Ruebisbach against Kloten-Bülach Jets. It’s the game between the second to last and the last team of the Swiss league. None of the teams could manage to win a game after 60 minutes into the game. 

Although the people of Zurich, as well as St. Gallen yet managed no win in the regular season, although the from Zurich has two points more on the points account. Already in the first home game of the season the equipe of Daniel Meier managed to win against the UHC Thun with 3: 2 after extra time. Tobias Heller scored in the 62nd minute by a pass of Hans Sturzenegger.

Three defeats in succession

Then followed three defeats  in series for the Zurich lowlander. Against the alligators from Malans no herb had grown and they were beaten by 2: 6. Against Grünenmatt the Club from Kloten  were shot out of the hall by 1: 8. In the penultimate game, there was a bitter 3:4 deafeat against Chur Unihockey. The deathblow came just 29 seconds before the siren shrilled.

In Zurich Derby inferior scarce
The last matches completed the Jets in the Buchholz Hall against Uster and again they lost. But this time in overtime. The winning goal by Severin Baumann, a player of the UHC Uster, a full twelve seconds before the siren drove the defeat home . The disappointment was understandably large and now they want to shoot their frustration out of the soul.

Certain parallels between Uster and Wasa
The Wasaner had a bitter defeat just before the championship break . The team of Fabian Aridsson ran after a four goal deficit after just 15 minutes into the game. Wasa had just one more point more before the game than the UHC Uster. A defeat meant that UHC Uster could passed the UHC Wasa. And they did.

Good feeling
Wasa striker Andrin Zellweger: “I have a feeling that it gave ourselves a jolt. After these bitter defeats it was important to rediscover the joy of floorball again. We are now looking forward to play well after the championship game,” says Zellweger. Wasa, now last in the table, must win against Kloten-Bülach Jets to not be let behind.