The Women U21 team is playing their fifth round of the at home against the UHC Herisau and the Sharks from Nesslau. After the first defeat of the season the women from St.Gallen want to win the remaining two games and climb up to the first place. 

In the first game the UHC WaSa is playing the Ostschweiz derby against the women from UHC Herisau. Although the UHC Herisau is having a U21 women team they are leading the table with just one point. For the first time this season the derby of the state neighbours is being played. The starting position promises an intense fight for the top of the table. An especially interesting game is it for the Göldi sisters, which both started their career by playing for Herisau.

To the start of the second leg the women from WaSa are playing against the Sharks from Nesslau. The last clash ended 5:2 for the OLMA St.Gallen team. Despite the clear result the game was pretty equal. Four of the five goals were shot just in the final two minutes of the game. Also this team the team is expecting an intense fight with the UHC Nesslau Sharks.