The men squad did lose their last game against the UHC Grünenmatt. Only the opponent from Grünenmatt could jubilate at the end. They won the game with 7:1 in the sports hall Tal der Demut. 

Just after 12 minutes Fabian Arvidsson took his Time-out. His team was already three goals behind when he took the time-out because of a nervous defense. The mental condition didn’t allow the WaSa player to catch up. Lukas Bauer, goalkeeper of Grünenmatt, managed to get some excellent saves during the first period. One minute left in the period the guest team could score with a double advancement.

Roman Mittelholzer picked up an injury. Therefore Michael Schiess played his first NLA game. Manuel Rüegg scored a the first goal just before the sirene but the joy didn’t last long. Robin Markström scored seconds later another goal for his side.

In the final period the team of Tomas Chrapek operated much more calm, WaSa themselves tried to score their second goal of the evening. The chances were there but the players didn’t manage to score a goal. Sometimes the shots just flew centimeters beside the post or Lukas Bauer was there to save the shots. In the end the game ended 7:1 for Grünenmatt-Sumiswald. Lukas Bauer was naemd Best-Player of his team.

Waldkirch-St. Gallen – UHC Grünenmatt 1:7 (0:4, 1:2, 0:1)
Sporthalle Tal der Demut, St. Gallen. 245 spectators. SR Hürzeler/Peter.
Goals: 5. Glauser (Flühmann) 0:1. 9. Flühmann (Glauser) 0:2. 12. Berglund (Aeschbacher) 0:3. 19. Markström (Berglund) 0:4. 36. Hofer (Aeschbacher) 0:5. 36. Rüegg (Jordan) 1:5. 40. Markström (Berglund) 1:6. 46. Brechbühl 1:7.
Strafen: 4mal 2 Minuten gegen Waldkirch-St. Gallen. 3mal 2 Minuten gegen UHC Grünenmatt.